Friday, 13 January 2012

Wecome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! My research interests Explore design activity and the use of design tools in the embodiment of design intent; the ways in which designers deploy tools to represent, communicate and develop their design ideas. How designers use tools and the reasons for their use is critical in understanding design activity. A greater awareness of the principles that underpin tool use is of value to designers in supporting a more informed choice and use of tools and to those responsible for the development of digital and hybrid tools and systems.

I hope this blog will present my work and might, some small way, help foster discussion and ideas around the use of design tools during practice.

The blog is also a way for me to present myself to the 'world'. My life, like tool use, is multi layered and complex. I writing this blog i hope to give you an idea of my work and life as a teacher, writer and early career academic.